The Grange, Caledon Ontario Prime Location

The start of the Caledon Trailway leads you into the Terra Cotta Conservation Area, which features Terra Cotta Gardens, a popular fishing spot called Wolf Lake, and then brings you on a journey deep through the magical and thickly-covered Terra Cotta Forest. When selling real estate it’s best to go with a local real estate agent in Caledon. Read more here about how we can help.

  • The Grange Caledon Ontario
  • Community of The Grange Ontario

    Down the road from Robert Baker Forest, Cheltenham Badlands, and many other scenic viewpoints, The Grange, Ontario, is a small, rural community featuring plenty of opportunities to get back to nature, while still remaining close to local shops and services. From Heatherlea Farm Shoppe, a local butcher, to Martina Lesar Rug Studio, an eclectic art studio and store, The Grange has no shortage of choices when it comes to shopping. The Grange, Caledon Ontario.

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