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Inglewood, Caledon Ontario – Real Estate Information

Located just off of McLaughlin Road north of Olde Baseline Road is Inglewood, Caledon Ontario. About 45 kilometers from Toronto it is an easy Drive up Highway 10. Inglewood boasts a community centre featuring a library and an auditorium. There is also a nearby community park with tennis courts, a baseball diamond and an ice arena. The Caledon Country Club is also nearby if you fancy a round of golf. When selling real estate it’s best to go with a local Inglewood Caledon realty company. Click here for more information about the top real estate agents in Caledon and how they can help you.

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    Formerly know as Sligo and Riverdale, Inglewood has had many names through it’s early years in the 1800s. By 1885 Thomas White, a member of Parliament named the town Inglewood after the Inglewood Forest in Cumberland England. Inglewood was known for it’s woolen mill and stone quarry by the mid 1800s. Many of the houses standing today were built form locally harvested wood including the general store which have been standing since at least 1883. You can still stop by and grab a bite there on your way to the Caledon Trailway.