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Palgrave, Caledon Ontario – Real Estate Information

Palgrave, Ontario is a beautiful community with plenty of amenities and opportunities to make you feel at home. Located in the Halton Hills region of Canada’s province of Ontario, Palgrave is a town with an interesting history and modern charm. The town has been growing rapidly over the past decade or so due to its prime location close to Toronto and Mississauga. Palgrave, Ontario has seen significant growth over recent years due to its close proximity to Toronto and other major cities in southern Ontario such as Mississauga. The quiet town offers plenty of amenities including parks, walking trails, gardens and green space where families can spend time together enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Read more about how we can help.

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  • History of Palgrave Ontario

    Palgrave – a small geographic township in south central Ontario situated within the Regional Municipality of Peel bordering with Townships B (Caledon) to the north, A (Orangeville/Bolton) to the west and Halton Region on all other sides. The town was named after William Palliser as it originally formed part of his land holdings. In 2001 Township B became known as Caledonian but kept much of its original name intact: one may still find “Ontario North” written on road signs for Highway 50 going into Haliburton County via this township’s northern boundary line; similarly there is an “Ontario South” sign for Highway 50 heading to Orangeville.

    The Palgrave township was surveyed in 1823, but by the 1830s it had already disappeared. The area became part of Peterborough County when that county formed on April 17th, 1850 with its headquarters at Lindsay. It is now a geographic township and has been known as Township B since 2001. Palgrave’s Township A to the north encompasses most of what we know today as Caledon (and parts of Orangeville). This much larger community was first settled around 1800 and for many years it too went largely unnoticed by outsiders: like Palgrave, there were no roads connecting it to other townships or cities; moreover Highway 50 through Hockley which lay between those two settlements until 1934 – after this highway moved to its present-day route, the village of Bolton was conveniently plopped right between Palgrave and Caledon.