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Mono Road, Caledon Ontario – Real Estate Information

Mono Road has had its share of interesting events since its foundation such as hosting the first ever Caledon Fair in 1853, hosting an airport for many years, and being home to the famous Mono Rock which used to be known as “The Big Boulder” but was later renamed. Learn more about Mono Road real estate.

  • Mono Road, Caledon Ontario
  • History of Mono Road, Ontario

    The history of Mono Road in Caledon, Ontario began with the purchase of land from First Nations people. During this time there were several different owners who would come and go until Sir William Johnson became a permanent owner. He used it as an access to his manor house which was located on top of the Niagara Escarpment (a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve). With Sir John A MacDonald becoming Canada’s first Prime Minister in 1867, Sir William donated part of his land to establish a railway line that ran along what is now Highway 50 and then was later expanded into other parts across Southern Ontario and Northern America during the early 1900s.