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Melville, Caledon Ontario – Real Estate Information

The community now includes Teen Ranch offering a variety of camps for people of all needs and interests, Orangeville Golf Club alongside Melville Pond, and The Hill Academy; Canada’s premiere independent school for student-athletes with 134 acres of beautifully-forested land with outstanding amenities and facilities. When selling real estate it’s best to go with a local realtor. Contact us now. We are some of the top realtors in Caledon and we are here to help you.

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  • History of Melville Ontario

    Founded in 1831, the town of Melville, Caledon, Ontario, was originally known as West Caledon after the church on the corner. Jesse Ketchum Jr. saw the potential of the area and built a dam on his property creating a mill pond and small community, which still exists today. A concrete dam replaces the earlier wooden structure, which would have required constant maintenance, but you can still explore the historic landmark and natural beauty of the Melville Pond area. While there once was a tannery, saw mill, and oat mill, the town never grew the way that Jesse Ketchum Jr. envisioned it and so the mills and businesses connected with the family have since closed.