Where Was Schitt’s Creek Filmed?

Where Was Schitts Creek Filmed?
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Question: Where Was Schitt’s Creek Filmed?
Answer: Schitt’s Creek was filmed in Goodwood Ontario, the Rose Motel scenes were filmed in Mono, Ontario, which is located just a few minutes away from Orangeville.

Exploring the Mono Connection

The television universe gifted us with the gem that is Schitt’s Creek, an Emmy-winning show that has transcended borders and resonated with global audiences. At the heart of this show’s production is an intriguing connection with Mono. Let’s embark on a fascinating journey that unveils the role of Orangeville in the creation of this beloved series.

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Setting the Stage: The Role of Orangeville

In the creative process of bringing Schitt’s Creek to life, the production team discovered the perfect location in Orangeville. The town’s Hockley Motel would transform into the series’ iconic Rosebud Motel, its rustic appeal providing a genuine atmosphere that fit the narrative seamlessly.

The motel is located at 308399 Hockley Rd. in Mono, Ontario, about 50 miles northwest of downtown Toronto.

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The Rosebud Motel: A Beacon of Orangeville

Although the primary setting of Schitt’s Creek—the town and its key locales like the Rose Apothecary, Bob’s Garage and Cafe Tropical—were filmed in Goodwood, Ontario, the Rosebud Motel in Orangeville held its unique significance. The motel, an essential backdrop for the series, became a symbol of the family’s journey and a character in its own right.

Becoming Rosebud: The Transformation of Hockley Motel

The process of turning the Hockley Motel into the Rosebud Motel was a task requiring careful attention to detail. To preserve the authenticity the series was known for, the transformation was subtle yet impactful, maintaining the essence of the real-life motel while capturing the spirit of the fictional Rosebud.

The Aftermath: Schitt’s Creek’s Impact on Orangeville

Schitt’s Creek’s success didn’t just end with the show. It created a ripple effect that influenced Orangeville profoundly. The town has seen a rise in visitors, with fans making pilgrimages to see the real-life Rosebud Motel. This influx of tourists has positively impacted the local economy and increased Orangeville’s visibility on the global stage.

Beyond the Series: The Continued Legacy of the Rosebud Motel

Even after the show’s end, the legacy of Schitt’s Creek continues in Orangeville. The real-life Rosebud Motel remains a living testament to the series, attracting loyal fans who wish to capture a piece of their favorite show’s magic. Orangeville offers them a tangible connection to the world of Schitt’s Creek, preserving its spirit long after the series finale. [ 1 ]

A Star on Screen: Hockley Motel’s Storied History in Film and Television

Besides its claim to fame as the Rosebud Motel in Schitt’s Creek, the Hockley Motel in Orangeville has had its fair share of the spotlight in other films and television shows. Its distinctive architecture and the picturesque surrounding scenery have made it a desirable location for a variety of productions.

A Glimpse into Past Productions

A History of Violence

One of the Hockley Motel’s notable appearances was in the critically acclaimed film, “A History of Violence.” This thriller, directed by David Cronenberg, used the motel to stage key scenes, bringing tension and drama to life against the backdrop of the motel’s unique setting. The film’s use of the location demonstrated the motel’s versatility as a filming location, suitable for genres ranging from drama to action.

Umbrella Academy

Orangeville’s Hockley Motel also played a role in the popular Netflix series, “Umbrella Academy.” The show, known for its captivating narrative and engaging characters, features the motel as a location, adding another noteworthy credit to its filmography. Its presence in this modern, action-packed series underscores the motel’s ability to adapt to different storytelling styles and production designs.


Another impressive mention in the Hockley Motel’s cinematic history is its role in the miniseries “11.22.63.” Based on Stephen King’s novel, the series transported viewers back in time, with the motel serving as an important setting in this thrilling journey. Its involvement in this production further highlighted the Hockley Motel’s charm, proving its appeal in historical and science fiction narratives alike.

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Conclusion: The Unsung Hero of the Screen

In conclusion, the Hockley Motel’s contribution to the world of film and television extends far beyond Schitt’s Creek. From gritty thrillers to time-traveling adventures, the motel has proven to be a versatile location that enhances a wide array of stories. As we celebrate its role in the beloved series Schitt’s Creek, we also recognize its broader impact on the screen. The Hockley Motel stands as an unsung hero, quietly bolstering narratives with its unique charm and setting. Its presence in Orangeville serves as a testament to the town’s allure, welcoming storytellers from far and wide to bring their visions to life.


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