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Leggatt, Grand Valley Ontario – Real Estate Information

Members of the public can sign up and receive a share in fresh, local, organically grown produce directly from the farm at Grand River Gardens’ Community Supported Agriculture program. A variety of activities are available including a dairy goat operation, a farm store, pasture-raised pig and chicken operation and naturally grown vegetable and herb production. Produce is for sale in the on-site Landman Gardens & Bakery. They are proud to be Certified Naturally Grown. When selling real estate it’s best to go with a local real estate agent in Grand Valley. Click for more info on Grand Valley realtors

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    In the midst of the Grand River. Leggatt, Grand Valley is a small, close-knit farming community in Ontario with strong support of local businesses and stores. Some of these include Philip Rentsch Dairy Farm and Ontario Corvette Corral, an auto parts store, as well as Grand River Gardens and Van Der Veen’s Farm. Van Der Veen’s Farm is rich in history and worth a visit. They started off with sheep, pigs, and straw. Although it was going very well, as the price of pigs was not very stable and, concerned for the future of the family and the farm, they decided to concentrate on sheep farming.