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Colbeck, Grand Valley Ontario – Real Estate Information

Along the Grand River, not far from Luther Marsh Wildlife Management Area, sits the small, rural community of Colbeck, Grand Valley in Ontario. Luther Marsh Wildlife Management Area is a popular wetland wildlife refuge around Luther Lake that offers hiking, boating, birding and hunting. It is wheelchair accessible and a great spot for families to spend quality time together. In the centre of Colbeck, lies Colbeck Park. Phase one of the Colbeck Park is to build a children’s playground that promotes and attracts healthy play within the small, close community. Click for more information on Grand Valley real estate agents.

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    The Luther Marsh Wildlife Management Area is more than a significant reservoir at the headwaters of the Grand River watershed. Luther offers a home to birds and wildlife as the natural landscape is restored to maintain different habitats for flora and fauna. The task at hand is to balance protection and human use of this unique and provincially significant resource. A biological treasure tucked away in the upper reaches of the valley of the Grand River, Luther Marsh is one of southern Ontario’s most significant wetlands. It is jointly owned and managed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and the Grand River Conservation Authority.