Natasha Paterson Memorial Park, Shelburne Ontario Prime Location

Located in the heart of Shelburne, Ontario, Natasha Paterson Memorial Park is a beautiful green space that offers something for everyone. This park is perfect for a leisurely stroll, a picnic lunch, or even a game of fetch with your furry friend. Find out more about the community of Shelburne.

  • Natasha Paterson Memorial Park, Shelburne Ontario
  • Natasha Paterson Memorial Park and the Community of Shelburne Ontario

    The Park covers a total area of 10 hectares and is made up of three main sections: the north section, the south section, and the central section. The north and south sections are connected by a pedestrian bridge that crosses over Silver Creek. The central section contains the playground, splash pad, and tennis courts.

    The north section is home to a variety of mature trees that provide ample shade on hot summer days. This section also contains two sets of washrooms, picnic tables, and a gazebo. The south section features open spaces perfect for playing sports or flying a kite. This section also has its own set of washrooms and picnic tables.