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Whitfield, Mulmur Ontario – Real Estate Information

The British planned land grants by 1825 in Mulmur Township. Soon immigrants had settled the area by 1832 and by 1854, the name Whitfield won out as the name of the post office run by Robert Campbell. Find a realtor in Mulmur and learn more about how they can help you.

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  • History of Whitfield

    Between 1870- 1880 the population was 100 with 2 stores, a hotel/tavern, a tailor, wagonmaker, 2 carpenters, a cabinetmaker, shoemaker, 2 blacksmiths, a school, 2 churches, 2 sawmills, a quarry, a lime kiln and a brick maker. By 1890 the population stagnated and did not grow.

    The post office lasted until 1914 when rural route delivery came to the village. The Methodist church was demolished in 2005, the school is now a home, and Christ Church, built lovingly by the residents in 1874, still has services in the summer. Most of the pioneers are buried here. The area presently, however, has mostly been reverted back to farmland.