Black Bank, Mulmur Ontario Prime Location

Around the corner from Mansfield Ski Resort and Club, multiple inns and unique places to stay, as well as plenty of dining options nearby, including Terra Nova Public House are all situated in the small, rural community of Black Bank, Ontario. When selling real estate it’s best to go with a local Mulmur real estate agents.

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    A key attraction of the area is Noisy River Provincial Park, a nature reserve with trails and intersects with the Bruce Trail as well! There is roadside parking available for the Bruce Trail. Noisy River Provincial Park’s largely forested landscape is interrupted by a few meadows and a scenic portion of the Noisy River.

    Typical Niagara Escarpment features include cliffs, crevice caves, flat uplands, valley slopes and wetlands. Forty-six vegetation types have been identified in the nature reserve with a variety of forested upland, riparian and wetland habitats also present. Eight deciduous forest vegetation types occupy the thin escarpment rim soils and the upper slope lands.