Hereward, East Garafraxa Ontario Prime Location

Located along the Grand River, Hereward, East Garafraxa, Ontario, is a gorgeous, rural community with lots to offer! Only a short distance to Belwood Lake Conservation Area, a wooded park at Lake Belwood that offers boating, swimming, and fishing, as well as a beach with a playground. Along the lake there are a variety of lodges and camps for all ages as well as exciting activities to enjoy, such as sailing at the Belwood Lake Sailing Club or a round of golf at Fergus Golf Club. 3 Nails Ranch and Trails Inc. offers scenic horseback riding trails and lessons for those who are eager to take on a bit more than just a peaceful trail ride. Don’t miss Hereward Farm, which rumour has it you can smell as you approach this lovely-scented Lavender Farm. When selling real estate it’s best to go with local East Garafraxa real estate agents.

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    Along the Grand River, within the beautiful natural forests and rushing, fresh water, sits a handful of local businesses and attractions to enjoy including Highland Pines Campground, Douglas Park trails, AAA Executive Limousine, Belwood Super Snax, CVR Machining, Belwood Lodge and Camp, Pine Meadows Retirement Community, and more which all lead into Lake Belwood, in the middle of the Grand River, near where the water also branches off into Irvine Creek, before the Grand River continues down into Belwood Lake Conservation Area. The lake is home to the sailing club, YMCA Camp Belwood, and Riversound Retreat, a meditation centre offering yoga and meditation classes, workshops, and retreats. Belwood Lake Put-In offers an access point to Grand River via a ramp, for those with a boat looking to spend some time on the water and under the sun while taking in the beautiful landscapes and serene viewpoints the area has to offer.