Garafraxa Woods, East Garafraxa Ontario Prime Location

As the name suggests, Garafraxa Woods, Caledon is covered in a beautifully thick landscape with plenty of trees that are wonderful to admire year-round. Breathe in the fresh air this forested community has to offer as you enjoy one of the many nearby parks, trails, and lakes; there are so many to choose from! When selling real estate it’s best to go with local East Garafraxa real estate agents.

  • Garafraxa Woods East Garafraxa Ontario
  • History of Garafraxa Woods Ontario

    Don’t forget to check out Shoe Tree Forest, a unique installation that started as a single pair of shoes nailed to a tree in the early 1970’s, and now, sprawls the area with several shoe-covered trees, adding to the mystery and whimsy of the place. Cressview Lakes, Fendley Park, Caledon Lake Forest including Caledon Lake, and Princess of Wales Park are some of the nearby places to explore and get lost in nature.

    With all of these natural wonders, it’s amazing how close Garafraxa Woods is located to the conveniences of the city including a variety of shopping, places to eat, and things to do. There’s no shortage in choices when it comes to dining out, with places like Shoeless Joes, Nella’s Jerk, Dairy Queen, Thai For You, St. Louis’, Wild Wing, and more right at your fingertips. Nearby, families can enjoy the Jungle Oasis Playground or Alder Community Centre; just a five minute drive away.