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Speersville, Caledon Ontario – Real Estate Information

The small, rural community of Speersville is located in Ontario, Canada and is a short distance from multiple parks, trails, forests, and conservation areas to explore. Enjoy a staycation at one of the areas’ inviting guest suites, bed and breakfasts, cabins, or cottages and try a new hike at one of the many trail options or enjoy the scenic viewpoints from your porch as you cosy up to the sounds of nature. When selling real estate it’s best to go with a local realtor in Caledon. Click this link now to find out how we can help.

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    Some of the nearby parks and trails include Caledon Tract, Caledon Creek Forest, Skywood Park, and Glen Haffy Conservation Park, just to name a few! Around the corner, Headwaters Healthcare Centre is a premiere medical facility servicing the area.

    The Glen Haffy Conservation Park is perfect for any sized group. For large events they are happy to connect you with customer service representatives to help you book caterers, tent rentals and various entertainment companies. Glen Haffy Headwaters and Trout Ponds is the perfect spot to fish and enjoy the water.