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Castlederg, Caledon Ontario – Real Estate Information

Community events are organized throughout the year by members of this settlement including an annual fair every August hosted at Derry Green Park along with other celebrations held on different occasions such as after school programs, Halloween parties and winter ice skating among others. Other recreational activities enjoyed here include biking trails located around town, hiking trails within parks nearby like Castle Frank Conservation Area (located off Highway 50) or Glen Haffy Conservation area (off Goreway Drive), skiing and tobogganing hills in Mountsberg Conservation Area, as well as hiking trails within this same area. Find more information about Caledon agents.

  • Castlederg, Caledon Ontario
  • History of Castlederg, Ontario

    Castlederg is located in the municipality of Caledon, Ontario Canada. It became a village in 1985 and still holds that status today. Castlederg is an unincorporated settlement in the town of Caledon.

    The community has a population of around 600 people and covers 24 square kilometres. It was founded by Methodist immigrants from Northern Ireland who moved to Canada during the 19th century for better economic opportunities

    The history of Castlederg, Ontario is quite interesting. The village was built in the late 1800s and has an abundance of historical buildings that you can explore on your own time. When it comes to exploring this area’s history, one place you might want to visit is the Dafoe House Museum where visitors will be greeted by a costumed interpreter with plenty of information about life during the early 1900s for local residents who worked at nearby mills or farms.