Introduction to Selling Your Home in Shelburne

Introduction to Selling Your Home
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Are you thinking about selling your home but wondering if the right time is now? To help you determine if it is I have used my years of real estate experience, plus that of the brokerage team, to put together a guide to walk you through the steps of selling your property and give you the tools you need to make this important decision.

First of all, you need to know that local market conditions will have the most impact on the amount of money you can get for your property and how quickly you can sell it. You may put a price on your home, but the market is what really prices your home.

Under any circumstances, selling a home can be a stressful process, emotionally, financially and physically. To help ease this stress, I am here to counsel you through the sale with the wisdom I have gained from experience, saving you incalculable aggravation and money. I know your neighbourhood, what Buyers want in a home, how to negotiate the best price and how to close the deal for you. Together, we can make the sale of your property easy and worry-free – and it all begins with you.

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