The Best Real Estate Agents Caledon – What To Look For


The Best Real Estate Agents – Look for These!

The Best Real Estate Agents Caledon – Whether you are thinking about buying, renting or selling a property, one of the most important parts of the process is always going to be the real estate agent. As long as they are trustworthy and effective, the whole process is going to be so much easier and simpler, and you are going to get a lot more out of it, so this is something that you need to be thinking about as early on as possible. In this article, we are going to take a look at what you should be looking out for in your real estate agents, to ensure that you find the best one possible for your needs.

Check Their Services

In particular, you are going to need to make sure that your chosen estate agent is actually likely and able to provide the kind of services that you are keen to make use of. You need to double-check this kind of thing, because it is always possible that they are not actually going to provide you with the service you are hoping and looking for. So, when you research them, make sure you check this out thoroughly. For instance:

  • Will they conduct viewings, or do you have to do that?
  • What marketing materials will they prepare (if you are selling)?
  • How many relevant clients are they in contact with right now?
  • Will they provide other materials?

It’s in your interest to check all this stuff before going in, as otherwise you might be disappointed by their service.


Probably the main quality that you are always going to want in your real estate agents is a high level of experience. As long as they have this, it probably means that they are going to be able to offer you what you are looking for, and that they know all of the common pitfalls and errors that can happen in each type of sale too. Plus, it means that they are going to have more knowledge of the area itself.


Having a lot of high-quality connections is a good sign with any realtor. It shows that they have been operating in the area for a good amount of time, for one thing. But it also indicates that they have a network they can use to speed up the process and make it so much more efficient, and that’s something that you are probably going to be glad for. Always check what connections they have before you sign up with them.


Unfortunately, there are some realtors out there who do give real estate agents a bad name, and these are obviously the kind that you should be trying to avoid as best as you can. You want, above all, a realtor who is going to have a good deal of integrity, and if you have that then you can be sure that they are going to serve you in the way that you deserve and expect. You will be investing time and money into the realtor, so you want to know that it is not being wasted in either case.


It’s not enough for a realtor just to have good intentions, however. You do also need to make sure that they have the required knowledge to see it through, and that is something that you can’t replace. When it comes down to it, does your chosen realtor know how to sell a home, really? Or to buy one? Or are there obvious gaps in their knowledge that need to be filled first?

Negotiation – The Best Real Estate Agents Caledon

There are always going to be times when it is important for your realtor to negotiate on your behalf, whether you are buying or selling a property. So you should make sure to look out for this quality too, which they might advertise specifically – or you might have to look out for in the general way that they behave when they are working. If they appear to be able to negotiate well, that is probably going to help you along your process.

Narrowing Down Your Options

Now that you know what you will want to look out for, you can start to narrow down your options of which estate agents to go for. In this process, you are probably going to want to be ruthless, but you should also be fair and keep your options open where necessary and possible. You also need to speak to all the best real estate agents Caledon, based on the criteria given to get a sense of what they will really be like, so make sure that you are doing that too.

Real Estate Services Caledon – Choosing The Right Service


Real Estate Services Caledon – Tips For Choosing

Real Estate Services Caledon – Caledon is a beautiful and varied town with plenty to offer, and there is a good reason why so many people are keen to move here from nearby places in Ontario. If you are in the process of doing that, or even if you are just moving within the town itself, you can be sure that it’s going to serve you right. However, in order to be truly happy with the whole process and to make sure you are getting what you deserve, you do need to think about how you are going to find the right help in the form of a real estate agent. Finding a good realtor in Caledon is easy enough, but only if you follow the following pieces of advice.

Ask The Right Questions

When you are shopping around for a decent realtor in Caledon, you need to make sure that you are asking them the right questions that are going to lead to a good understanding of whether or not they are right for you. There are plenty of things to consider here. Let’s take a look now at some of the major questions you might want to ask them, to determine whether they are suitable options for your search for a home in Caledon.

  • What’s Your Experience?

By getting to know what kind of experience the realtor has, you can determine whether they are going to be suitable for your needs. In particular, you need to make sure that they have the kind of experience you require of Caledon itself. That means that they know the town, they know the people, and they have experience in selling homes in the town.

  • What’s Your Commission & Fee?

Just as with any other service, you are going to want to know what you can expect to pay before you actually have to pay it. The last thing you want is for this to be a nasty surprise, so you should make a point of asking the question early on. That is going to mean that the whole process is so much less concerning for you.

  • Do You Have References?

One of the best ways to determine how trustworthy a realtor in Caledon is, is by asking them about their references. If they are able to give you a lot of references that they have which you can check out at your will, then you can probably find it easier to trust them. This is going to mean that you know you can use them effectively for your needs.

  • Can You Tell Me About The Area?

Even if you are a Caledon local, you want to make sure that they know the area as well as you do. If you are not from Caledon, then you still want to know that you have found a realtor who knows what they are talking about. Having local knowledge makes it more likely they can find you a decent deal, so this is a very practical concern.

Know The Red Flags for Real Estate Services Caledon

There are a number of signs that indicate that something is not quite as it should be with a realtor, and it is in your best interests to be aware of these. For instance:

  • They seem unfamiliar with the real estate landscape in Caledon.
  • They don’t appear to normally work with buyers in your price range.
  • They don’t normally handle the type of property you are interested in buying.
  • Their references don’t seem to be realistic.

If you have any doubts about a realtor for one of these reasons, or some other reason, then you should exercise caution before pushing ahead. You will find that this is going to save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Go For Knowledge & Experience Above All

All in all, when you are looking for a realtor in Caledon, you need to make sure that you are choosing one that has plenty of knowledge and experience above all. If they have that, at the end of the day they are going to be able to help you out as you need them to, so this is something that you should aim for above all else. If you can do that, you should find that things are going to prove much easier in your search for finding the right estate agent, and that should mean that you are much more likely to end up with the home in Caledon that you have always dreamed of having. Click if you’re interested in reading our local Caledon Reviews.

Before you know it, you could be living in your dream Caledon home.

Buying – Closing the Sale, Caledon Edition..



To guide you safely and comfortably through the closing period, which usually ranges from 30 to 90 days. I will:

  • Arrange Buyer Access visits to your new home for you, typically 2 viewings or as outlined in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, so you can see your new home and take measurements, plan interior decorating, renovations etc.
  • Advise you on any inspections that might be needed, such as home inspections or mortgage appraisals.
  • Recommend trusted tradespeople to you so you can start receiving quotes for any renovations you may wish to carry out once the home is legally yours, this can cut down the wait time.
  • Provide you with valuable contacts to trusted professionals such as expert real estate lawyers, mortgage brokers, and movers.
  • Explain the costs and fees to you, such as helping you calculate your Land Transfer Tax.
  • Recommend moving tips and remind you of important things to do, such as switching your utilities over to the new home in time. Remember, there may be a pre-payment cost on taxes, hydro, gas, and fuel etc…
  • Help you answer questions about your new property for your insurance company that you might not know the answers to.
  • Check in with you on a regular basis to make sure everything is going well and you are prepared for the big move to the area.



Below is some detailed information on the role of a real estate lawyer and on what you need to do when working with your lawyer and securing a mortgage. Your lawyer should advise you what expenses you are likely to incur with respect to the closing procedures, including:

  • Legal Fees + HST and Disbursements
  • Land Transfer Tax: Ontario Land Transfer Taxes are payable by the Buyer through their lawyer upon closing of the transaction.

The formula for calculating Ontario Land Transfer Tax is:
0.5% on the first $55,000
Plus 1% of the amount from $55,001 to $250,000
Plus 1.5% of the amount in excess of $250,001 to $400,000
Plus 2% of the amount in excess of $400,000

If you have bought a new home from a builder, the lawyer can give you an educated estimate as to how much you should budget for “hidden charges” such as:

  • Ontario New Home Warranty Enrollment Fee
  • Hydro and Water meter installation charges
  • Fencing charges
  • Grading Deposit charges

If all the conditions in the Agreement have been met and the Offer is firm, the lawyer proceeds to investigate the title to the property. Initial searches include:

  • utility searches
  • property tax searches
  • building, zoning and planning searches
  • registered title searches

A Tax Certificate is requested by your solicitor to verify the amount of the current year’s taxes and to ask about any arrears and outstanding charges for taxes. Your lawyer will also write to the Building and Zoning Department to get the full particulars of zoning by-laws and restrictions and permitted uses for the area

A Search of Title to the property is begun in the Land Registry Office to make sure the Seller is the true owner of the property, has the right to sell you the property, and that the property is not subject to any encumbrances, encroachments, easements, liens, agreements or mortgages that were not disclosed in the Agreement or Purchase and Sale. This search has to be completed prior to the Requisition Date (title search date) shown on your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

If you are getting a mortgage, you MUST have fire insurance to cover the property from the day of closing. Let your insurance broker know the name, address, phone number and fax number of both your lawyer and of the financial institution providing your mortgage. Your lawyer needs a letter confirming that insurance coverage is in place effective on closing in order to advance the money to close your purchase.

Making an Offer to Purchase – Caledon Ontario



When I draft the legal purchase documents, there are five main elements to keep in mind:

  • Price – this does not have to be the same as the Seller’s asking price. There are many factors to consider, Is the home priced at fair market value? Is there work that needs to be done immediately, Has the home been on the market long? Are homes moving quickly in the area? I will help you determine all of these factors and help you decide on a good price.
  • Deposit – shows your good faith and will be applied against the purchase of the home when the sale closes. A deposit should be at least 5% of the home’s purchase price.
  • Conditions – standard conditions can include the following clauses: subject to home inspection, subject to you obtaining financing, or subject to you selling your existing property. However, a condition can specify almost anything. Sellers obviously do not like to have their homes effectively off the market while they wait for conditionals to firm up, so the shorter the conditional period (i.e. 3-5 business days) the better chance the Seller will accept your offer.
  • Inclusions/Exclusions – your offer may be contingent on including certain home items in the sale, such as appliances, fixtures, and finishing items, if you like it then it can be included.

The Closing Date – the Seller will often specify the date or date range they would like to close on the property and your offer should closely match this. The closing date is the day the title of the property is legally transferred to you and all funds go to the Seller.

Caledon Realtors – Looking at Properties



Caledon Realtors – One of the hardest things to do when looking for a home is to remain objective because it’s easy to fall in love with a home’s appearance, but it is also important to look beyond the outer layer because sometimes appearances can be deceiving, and here lies the benefit of using local Caledon Realtors.

Here are some things to look for when viewing a home:

  • General upkeep – is the home dirty or cluttered and are the lawns uncut? If the owner has not bothered to keep the house looking clean and attractive, what problems could be lurking below the surface?
  • Water leaks – water rots wood, destroy foundations and leads to mold and mildew just to start. Re-shingling a house or repairing a cracked foundation can be very expensive. Look for stains, bulges and other signs of damage on ceilings and walls, loose crumbling grout around bathroom & kitchen tiles could mean leaking water. It takes an expert eye to find many water leaks so please feel free to bring a professional with you on our showing, or I can also arrange to commission a home inspection if the seller has not already provided one from a reputable company.
  • Do things work? – where possible, test the lights, faucets, toilets, furnace, air conditioning, and all major appliances that will be included with the home sale and make sure everything is working as it should
  • Floors – should be smooth, even and solid, otherwise, repairs may be needed and your Caledon realtors can help with a recommendation.
  • Doors and windows – should fit snugly and operate smoothly. Look for flaked paint and loose caulking. Checking for drafts is always important
  • Outside – walk around the yard looking for areas where water might collect. Soggy areas near the foundation indicate poor drainage
  • Look for deep cracks in the foundations or loose mortar and bricks
  • Be sure to bring a measuring tape if there are any large items that you want to ensure fit in your new home as doorways may not allow


Home is the nicest word there is. It’s not a place, it’s a feeling.
Ray Brown

Caledon realtors can help sellers are contractually obligated to disclose all problems in their homes that they know about, HOWEVER, nothing can replace the expert opinion of a qualified home inspector. A qualified home inspector can give the home a thorough examination, checking heating and cooling systems, plumbing and electrical systems, the roof, attic, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, foundation, basement, basically all visible structures of the home. They will point out the need for major repairs if necessary and identify areas that might need attention in the near future. Click if you’re interested in reading our local Caledon Reviews. What level of maintenance will be needed to keep the house in good shape, most home inspectors in the area are more than happy to tell you about the home’s good qualities as well, so you can decide if it is a good fit.

Caledon Home Search, Things You Didn’t Think of



Before we look at homes we will sit down for a complete consultation so that I may get a better picture of what your ideal scenario is. During our consultation, we will discuss your home ownership goals, wish list and desires including your preferred neighborhoods, price range, time frame, and of course to answer all of your questions.

Here are some things to consider when compiling your list of needs vs. wants:

  • Where do I want to live? or anywhere in between (community/general area)
  • Are schools a factor?
  • Do I want an older home or a new one? What style of home do I prefer? (detached, townhome/condominium, multi-family, bungalow, farm, acreage) There is every choice available in the area.
  • How much renovation and remodeling am I willing to do? Can I see past a coat of paint?
  • Is being close to public transportation important for me?
  • Do I have physical requirements such as wheelchair access or others?
  • Do I have pets to consider?
  • What sort of lot am I looking for? (small yard, large yard, acreage, fenced, garage, workshop, barn or other buildings)
  • How many bedrooms do I need and how many would I like to have?
  • How many bathrooms do I need and how many would I like to have?
  • How big of a house do I want with how many rooms and how many square feet?
  • What features are important to me? air conditioning, carpeting, ceramic tile floors, hardwood floors, eat-in kitchen, separate dining room, formal living room, family room, den, library, finished basement, separate laundry room, fireplace, workshop etc…

Buy and wait with real estate - blog

Another key factor we will consider is whether you already have a property to sell. The question of whether to buy first or sell first has a different answer for everyone and depends on the individual. It is always a risk to buy before you sell, but it is also a big inconvenience not to find a home and have to move into a rental for a couple of months while still looking for a house to buy. I have helped many buyers choose which option is best for them while negotiating closing dates and conditions that work best for the planned move(s). If you have a home to sell, I can help you improve its ability to sell so you will receive the highest market value for it and put yourself in a great situation.

Throughout the home search, I am here to help you navigate the ups and downs and you can count on me to:

  • Pre-screen the online properties you see, keeping your ultimate goals in mind so you are not wasting your time sifting through hundreds of property listings that don’t match all of your criteria
  • Recommend the best homes and neighborhood for viewing based on my area expertise in the area.
  • Make you completely aware of what your dollar will get you by finding opportunities, great homes near your main search areas
  • My office will arrange all of your viewings and I will personally guide you through the viewing process, showing you feature and or problems you may not have spotted
  • Advise you about your legal and financial options available to you
  • I can recommend expert help when needed, such as home inspection and contracting services.

My goal is to have all the information you need to make well-educated, stress-free choices when purchasing your new home.