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Grand Valley Ontario is a township in the province of Ontario, composed of the former Township of East Luther and the former Village of Grand Valley. The township is located within Dufferin County and includes a part of the Luther Marsh. The marsh covers over 10,000 acres (40 km²) including Luther Lake. The Grand River is one of the major sites and runs adjacent to the town. Our local real estate agents in Grand Valley are here to help you.

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  • History of Grand Valley Ontario

    Grand Valley’s first inhabitants arrived in 1855 when the town consisted of only a log house a barn and a tavern and went by the name of Luther Village. By 1869 this quaint town still only had 16 residents, mostly involved in rural pursuits. The area boasts about 38,000 acres of natural woodland teeming with wildlife.

    In 1870, the railroad arrived, and the town developed a small urban centre known as the village of Grand Valley. In 1997 East Luther joined up with this village to form the Township of East Luther Grand Valley. The Town of Grand Valley came into being in 2012. Are you interested in Grand Valley’s community culture and events?

    The Town of Grand Valley’s located in Dufferin County, and boasts part of the Luther Marsh within its boundaries. This natural treasure is one of Ontario’s most significant wetlands and home to important flora and fauna.

    You can also take part in a host of water-based activities around Luther Marsh and Luther Lake such as boating, canoeing, and fishing. There is a boat launch on-site for the convenience of visitors.

    Nature lovers relish the chance to go cycling or hiking or picnic among these verdant landscapes.

    The town’s known for its friendly, down-to-earth vibe which could explain why more homebuyers are choosing to invest here every year. Grand Valley’s a perfect choice for nature lovers who want to live in a peaceful rural environment.

    This upswing in the market means house prices have increased significantly in recent times, making Grand Valley a thriving seller’s market. This is good news for homeowners but if you’re looking to invest in Grand Valley real estate it’s advisable to move fast. Are you looking at Grand Valley real estate agents? Feel free to give us a call.