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    What’s Involved in a Free Home Evaluation (In-Person)

    Home Evaluation

    Free home evaluation: Your home is your biggest investment, so it is only natural to be curious about how much it is worth. People seek home evaluations for a variety of reasons; Perhaps you are planning to put your home up for sale soon, or maybe you need to apply for a new mortgage or refinance your home. Understanding the value of your home can help you to make several important decisions; if you want to move, your current home’s value may influence how much you can spend on your new house. If you are applying for a mortgage, you may need to know if the value of your home has increased since you purchased it to know whether you will be able to secure a favourable mortgage deal. Whatever your reasons for getting a home evaluation, you may be wondering how the process works.

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    • Booking Your Home Valuation

      When you book your home evaluation, it is crucial that you choose a reputable company to carry out the appraisal. When you are inviting people into your home it is always best to be cautious, so checking that you are using an experienced company that you can trust is essential. When scheduling your evaluation, don’t forget to double-check that the home valuation is free, and you won’t be charged. The amount of time that your free home evaluation takes can vary depending on the size of your house and surrounding land. As it can be hard to predict how long the valuation will take, it is best to allow plenty of time for your evaluation visit and not to schedule any other appointments around the same time.

      During the home evaluation, you may be asked questions about your property. These questions are nothing to be concerned about; they simply help the valuer to gain a clear idea of any renovations or improvement works that you have carried out in your home. Major home improvements such as room additions and kitchen and bathroom remodels can add significant value to your home, making its worth far greater than when you originally purchased the property. You may also be asked if there are any other changes that you have made to the property, such as installing a new heating or air conditioning system, adding solar panels, etc., as these can also inflate the value of your home.

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    • During and After a Free Home Evaluation

      During your free home evaluation, the appraiser will look around both the inside and outside of your home. They will be looking at a range of factors to help them to decide your property’s value. The appraiser will look at the size of your home and the number of rooms the property has, including bedrooms and bathrooms. As well as gaining an idea of the amount of accommodation offered by your home, your home evaluation will take into account your property’s overall condition. For a home that requires modernization, even simple cosmetic work such as repainting tired paintwork can impact its value. Outside, the valuation will include looking at how much land you have and whether you have extra features such as a professionally landscaped garden, outbuildings, swimming pool, hot tub, etc.

      Your appraiser may give you a ballpark figure of the value of your home at the end of their visit. However, in most cases, they will need to return to the office and carry out some more research to ensure that they give you a realistic valuation of your property. Further research carried out by the appraiser will involve them looking at several key pieces of information. They will assess the current market conditions in your local area, the price that similar properties on your road have recently sold for, and other local factors that could impact the value of your home, such as nearby building work. Once the appraiser has gathered together this research, they will be able to form a far more accurate picture of your home’s value and a selling price that they believe you could achieve if you put your home on the market. As you can see, a free home evaluation is an excellent way to gain an accurate idea of your home’s value to help you decide your next move. Click for more on what your house is worth.