Real Estate Agencies – Does Brand Matter?


Real Estate Agencies – Does Brand Matter When Choosing Real Estate Agencies?

Real Estate Agencies – Setting up a real estate agency is a relatively straightforward process. The legal requirements to do so are low, which means that pretty much anyone can quickly get into the industry and start making money.

For that reason, incumbent real estate agencies have a powerful incentive to work on their brands. They need to somehow differentiate themselves from all the new entrants vying for clients in the market.

The question for people buying and selling properties is whether any of this matters. Does the brand make a difference?

Why Branding Might Be Important

Branding clearly matters to real estate agents themselves. If they can create a business persona that allows them to stand out above other providers in their industry, they are more likely to attract clients.

The overriding goal for agencies is to get sellers to believe that they can fetch a better price for their property. Commissions could be as high as 6 percent if sellers know that the agency can bump up the sale price of their properties by more than, say, 8 percent.

Branding may also matter somewhat to clients themselves. It’s a signal that an agent has experience, has been around for a long time, and can get better prices for their real estate transactions.

Many established brands, for instance, maintain strong links with buyer communities. They’re much better able to find keen buyers with higher consumer surplus, willing to pay as much or more than the asking price.

Bigger brands may also provide some unique advantages for seasoned or frequent property investors. Organizations with established brands usually have the financial capital to do research into the market and provide property hunters with unique and helpful insights. Only making insights available to customers gives them an advantage in market situations.

Smaller agencies that don’t have established brands must usually employ people with less experience in the industry. And that can hamper the quality of their research. Thus, a brand can be a proxy for the educational output of an agent.

Why Branding Might Not Matter All That Much

On the other hand, some might argue that while branding is important in most industries, it’s not in the real estate agency market.

Some real estate agents worry that buyers and sellers won’t use them when they first set up because they don’t know their brand. But they soon discover that they can carve a niche for themselves and gain paying clients even if they are new. It’s not that difficult.

Evidence and experiences suggest that clients care most about the quality of the service they receive. Branding tends to play second fiddle.

When it comes to customer experience, smaller firms actually have an advantage in this area – and clients know it. Independent agents tend to be more flexible and don’t have to abide by endless corporate rules and regulations.

Working in a smaller shop also helps a lot of smaller real estate agencies feel more like a unit. Everyone works on the same sales. You don’t have separate agents pursuing their individual projects. The business becomes a tighter unit.

What Role Do Online Agents Play?

Estate agent branding probably had more value in the past when clients had no choice but to go to the big high-street brands. But thanks to the internet, that’s all now a thing of the past.

Aggregator websites collect all the properties for sale for listing by individual agents on a single platform. Under this setup, buyers now shop for properties directly. The agent listing them is usually a secondary consideration.

The internet, therefore, is becoming a great equalizer. Buyers don’t care a great deal about who made the listing on these aggregator sites. The main consideration is now the quality of the property and what it offers.

Around 95 percent of people search for new homes online, mainly because the process is incredibly easy. Agents still have a role to play when searches become more serious. But what buyers really need are people with great writing and presentation skills who can showcase their properties at their best. Click for more information on Orangeville real estate services.

The aim of the game now is to create robust multiple listing services where agents attempt to sell properties via the major online platforms.

Given the rise of the internet, brokers are finding it increasingly difficult to brand themselves in the first place. They’d like to be different from the next firm – and they probably are – but making that distinction clear for consumers is going to be the main challenge heading into the 2020s.

Find a Home In Orangeville – What To Look For


Find a Home In Orangeville – What You Should Look For

Find a Home In Orangeville – Orangeville is well-loved by its residents which is why many of the properties are highly sought after. In a competitive market, it can be tricky to know what to look for when you are purchasing a home. However, there are some crucial considerations you should always bear in mind when you begin the search for your new home in Orangeville.

Only Use Trusted Realtors

Trusted and reliable realtors are invaluable when looking for a perfect home for you and your family. If you are looking to purchase a property, investigate the realtor by looking at online reviews. If you have a particular neighbourhood in mind, do not be afraid to knock on a few doors and ask which realtors would be recommended in the area. Local expertise and a good reputation are the realtor’s most valued assets so, if one comes highly recommended, give them a call and ask what properties they might have listed on their portfolio. If you have any queries, then a good realtor should have the answer to hand or be prepared to do the research and get back to you.

Think About The Future

While a home may look ideal for you right now, you have to imagine if you will still feel the same a few years down the line. Constantly moving homes could become expensive so finding a home with room to expand and grow into is always worth considering. This is especially true if you are extending your family. But even if you live on your own, it does not take long to fill up a wardrobe or a cupboard under the stairs. Think about the storage space you need now and what you might need in the future.

Look At The Neighbourhood History

If you are interested in a home then take time to research what similar properties in the area sold for. Ask your realtor if they have been involved in any purchases or sales of any properties in the neighbourhood recently. They should be able to give you a rough guide on the prices that property in the neighbourhood is going for. This can firstly tell you if you are getting a good price for your purchase, but it can also show you the trajectory of house sales in the area. If they have been steadily rising this trend is likely to continue, and you may make a profit when you sell the home. If there has been a sharp decline in prices, this will also tell you something. You should ask questions about the decline to see if it is linked to anything specific, such as new industrial development or other planned activity, that you should know about before any purchase concludes.

Think About The Community – Find a Home In Orangeville

It is worth spending time in a community before purchasing a house there. Take time to envisage yourself living there. Are there parks or green spaces nearby that will be good for walks and exercise? Does the community have good coffee shops and cafes for socialising? Does the school come with a good reputation? These are all vital questions depending on your lifestyle. Any home you buy should reflect the lifestyle you want. Suppose you want to wander down the driveway in your slippers and wave at your neighbours as you pick up the newspaper; this is a very different home than the one you would choose if you want a place to rest your head when not jet setting with work. Ask yourself about what life you want to lead and try to imagine yourself living it within one of Orangeville’s thriving communities. Continue looking at Orangeville Homes for sale.

Finally, remember purchasing a home is an investment. It may be the biggest purchase you will ever make. Once you have viewed a property you love, take time to think about it. Try to be objective and consider the home critically. If you are purchasing alone or for the first time, bring someone else like a friend or a relative who can be a sounding board and a critical eye.

Is there anything you weren’t sure about or needed clarity on? Do not be afraid to ask any niggling questions you may have. Any respectable realtor will want you to properly consider your options and will happily work to answer your questions truthfully. If you need clarification or to go over something one more time, again a good realtor will be patient and happily show you more or explain something in more detail. You might live in this house for years to come. You do not want to regret not asking the question that was in the back of your mind.

Realtors Near Me – Using a Local Agent is so Important


Realtors Near Me – Why Using a Local Agent Is So Important

Why type ‘realtors near me‘? When it comes to buying or selling your home, you’re going to want to get the best possible deal. It’s not an easy process as there are so many different moving parts. For most people, the world of real estate can be quite stressful because they just never know what might be around the corner. This is where an estate agent is so important. If you have the right agent on your side, then you’re likely to find the perfect conclusion.

It’s not just about picking the best realtor or agent for the job because there are different levels and different types. In property, you can choose a low-cost nationwide or non-local realtor that will provide you with lots of different avenues due to the size and stature of the firm. You also have the option of choosing a smaller local agent that can be a little more concise and prepared when it comes to your hometown or places in a particular area that you desire.

Getting in touch with a local agent is a very important task if you’re ever thinking about buying a home or selling your current one. While many choose other options, a local one can provide you with a lot more. Here are just a few reasons as to why a local estate agent is so important:

They Know The Area Better

They say when it comes to real estate that it’s all about location, location, location. This is very true – if you don’t have the right place, then the home can’t ever reach the potential it needs to in order to be super-attractive. If you’re looking for the best possible home that is situated in the best possible position, then a local agent will know where all the best spots are. They’ll have all kinds of experience and inside information regarding the ins and out of the area.

Because their main focus will be on homes in the local area, they’ll pride themselves on being able to provide the right place for the right party. The pressure will also be on them to deliver, so they’ll fight tooth and nail to get the right deal over the line. If they can’t do their fundamental job that people choose them for, then they won’t build the reputation they’d like.

You’ll Get To Be Up Close And Personal

Why type realtors near me! With a local agent, you’ll be able to get in touch with them quickly and book appointments more fluidly. You’ll have more of a personal relationship with them as they won’t be as busy or as quick to move you along. This is important as homeownership is a very significant part of one’s life and shouldn’t be seen as something of a minor incident. You shouldn’t just be treated like just another group off the production line.

They’re Aware Of The Market

They’ll know a lot about the homes in the area, but more specifically, they’ll be aware of the different prices and the value of different homes. They’ll know the potential that each home has and the ceiling will be a lot more concise. They will have seen how homes in and around each part of the town have progressed or regressed. You’ll trust their judgment more when it comes to the important specifics.

Why Realtors Near Me? – Problems Can Be Addressed Much Quicker

Because you’ll be in much more direct contact, you’ll be able to address particular problems easily. While larger realtors have a lot more on their plate, smaller and more local ones will take each issue to heart and do their best to reconcile whatever is going on. Buying or selling a house is, as we’ve already mentioned, not exactly a stress-free set of tasks – you’re not likely to go through the ordeal without a few bumps. Local agencies will be able to help out a lot quicker.

They’ll Know The History Of The Town, City, Or Village

When it comes to the overall history of the place, estate agents will know a thing or two. They may not be bona fide historians, but they’ll know a lot more than the average man or woman. This will come in handy should someone from out of town ever want to know more about the place they may be staying. Important information that could sway a decision may be resting on the lips of the agent.

You May Know Them Well And May Receive Extra Knowledge

The final point we’ll make is that you may be close to someone in the business. Click for more information on homes for sale in Orangeville. It’s all about who you know in this life and, if they have some insider knowledge on the matter, they might let you know as a favor but when buying real estate it certainly pays to use ‘realtors near me’.

Realtor Reviews, Why Real Estate Agent Reviews Matter


Realtor Reviews, Real Estate Agent Reviews Bla Bla

Realtor reviews, did you know that an estimated 27% of local searches on Google are with the sole purpose of reading reviews? This figure comes from Steven Chen, senior product manager at Google My Business, who also said that if your reviews aren’t helpful, or worse, nonexistent, you can kiss customers goodbye.

There are over 100,000 realtors in Canada, so when you’re looking to choose one, it can be impossible to know where to start and how to choose. As humans, we rely heavily on proof because it eliminates uncertainty, and while in the past, we trusted the word of mouth and recommendations from friends, while this is still a very reliable way to find out who is a good realtor, it can also be rather limiting. Thanks to the internet and technology, you can get the same trusted information from reviews online; however, you get this at a much higher and more effective level as there are so many reviews to read, and if a realtor doesn’t have any, then you can dismiss them.

According to a survey by Bright Local, 90% of consumers say they read online reviews first before visiting a business, and rather than go with the local realtor down the road, now as much as 88% of people say they search for real estate agents when buying or selling a property, and Moz estimates that 67.7% of all major purchases have been influenced by online reviews.
In the real estate industry, 84% of people said that online reviews are as good as a personal recommendation. So, what do you need to look for in these reviews?

Clients Similar To Yourself

With so many reviews online to choose from, it can still be overwhelming when trying to choose a prospective realtor. So, one way to narrow this down is to look for reviews from clients who are similar to yourself. For example, if you are a first-time buyer, then look for someone who has excellent reviews from other first-time buyers. Remember that the needs of a first-time buyer will be different to repeat buyers or people who are looking to downsize.


You also want to choose a realtor that has the right qualifications, and while this might not be something that people review, it’s still something you need to look out for and not solely rely on the reviews. Are they a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR)? If so, this means that they have formally agreed to abide by the group’s code of ethics. Perhaps they have certifications in particular areas of real estate; this could be: A CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) which means they have completed additional training in handling residential real estate. The ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative) means they have completed additional training in representing buyers in transactions. Or the SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) which means they have completed training aimed at helping buyers and sellers aged 50 and older. Click for more information on real estate agents near mein Orangeville. So again, look for one which is right for you and what you’re looking for.

Research as much as you can

While Google Reviews are highly regarded and very popular, you should also look at the realtor’s social media presence and see if there are any reviews on there as well as other review sites. Remember not to be put off by one or two negative reviews, but more than that could be a red flag.

Orangeville Municipal Contacts


Municipal Community Contacts


EMERGENCY – Police, Fire, Ambulance


Town of Orangeville


County of Dufferin


Waste Management

519-941-2816 x2620

Public Works

519-941-0440 x2250

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Central West Health Line

905-796-0040 x7888

Telehealth Ontario


Orangeville Fire (non-emergency)


Orangeville – Ontario Provincial Police


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Crime Stoppers

1-800-222-TIPS / 1-800-222-8477

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Town of Orangeville
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Road Watch
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Shelburne Municipal Contacts


Municipal Community Contacts


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County of Dufferin


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Shelburne – Ontario Provincial Police


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Road Watch

Caledon Homeowner Resources



Easy Net Services
PO Box 818, Caledon L7E 5T5
(905) 880-3279

Easynet services have been in business for over 20 years. Highly experienced and fully licensed they provide free estimates, and in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on all parts, they provide a two-year warranty on all their labour.


Plumb Perfect
14882 Dixie Rd, Caledon L7C 2M2

With over 30 years experience this family business hires only fully licensed and insured plumbers. They take pride in providing top service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Cedar Creek Contracting
Caledon East
(905) 584-9797

Cedar Creek Contracting can help with all your home renovations and landscaping. Their goal is to beautify and protect the valuable investment that you have.


Calder Engineering Ltd.
6440 King St., Caledon L7C 0S1
(905) 857-7600

Founded in 2003 this firm is dedicated to providing professional services in civil, environmental and water resources engineering ranging from preliminary and detailed design to construction management.


Young & Young Surveying Inc.
2 Holland Dr., Caledon L7E 1E1
(905) 951-6000

With 40 years of experience providing topographic surveys to government agencies, builders, developers and property owners. The original business was sold in 2006 and continues to operate in Bolton as a subsidiary of the Mauro Group Inc.
Real Estate Office in Caledon.

Restaurants in Shelburne


Mrs. Mitchells Restaurant

Step back in time to the 20th century and enjoy the warm ambiance and fine dining at Mrs. Mitchell’s Restaurant. The restaurant was once actually ‘Mulmur Township School Section 2’ and was built in 1889. The school was open for 79 years and closed in 1968.

To create the restaurant, the schoolhouse was renovated with care to preserve its heritage and is lovingly named after the school’s last and longest-serving teacher (Mrs. Mitchell of course).
Nestled in the beautiful country hamlet of Violet Hill Mrs. Mitchell’s is a two-time winner and frequent nominee of the Best Restaurant award from Headwaters Tourism. Be it lunch, brunch, afternoon tea or dinner you can enjoy fine dining in a historic, rustic setting. Menus will vary to take advantage of fresh, seasonal local ingredients. The delicious house salad dressing and 17century spoonbread are signature touches. Whatever your menu choice you can count on fine food and expert service in a casual upscale atmosphere.

If you are planning a wedding or other special events the beautiful gardens are perfect for picture taking. Call Mrs. Mitchell’s and the lovely owner Heidi will personally assist you to make all your plans a reality. If you are looking for a wonderful gift or just something unique to brighten your home visit Mrs. Mitchell’s boutique gift shop. It’s just steps away from the restaurant and has the charming name of “Granny Taught Us How’. There you will find beautiful treasures that will fit any budget.
Check out their full menu at

Location and Contact Information

• Address: 887395 Mono-Mulmur Townline (Just East of Shelburne)
• Shelburne, Ontario L9V 2W1
• Phone Number: +1 519-925-3627


Country Cabin Restaurant Shelburne Ontaio eggs benedict

The Country Cabin

If you love home cooking you should definitely plan to visit this great place to eat. The Country Cabin Restaurant is a family run business and is located at 506198 Hwy 89, Shelburne. You can often find 3 generations of cooks preparing meals for their many loyal customers. They offer casual to fine dining.
All the food is fresh and made to order. Food is served hot and service is excellent. Customers often come in for an ‘All Day Breakfast’. It is a feast to remember and no doubt the best in town. Their menu covers most taste buds and you can also order to go.

Don’t worry about parking. There is lots of it and it is free. Kids can colour while the food is being prepared and high chairs are available. The restaurant is much bigger than it looks from the outside so if you are a large group there is no problem. There is also a separate dining room for added privacy. If you want an amazing breakfast or an excellent lunch this is the place to be. They close at 3 pm so make sure you come early.

Location and Contact Information

• Address: RR 4, Shelburne
• Ontario L0N 1S8
• Phone Number: +1 (519) 925-3118


Public, Catholic and Secondary Schools Serving Caledon


Public School Information

Allan Drive Middle School
254 Allan Drive, Bolton L7E 1R9
Grades 6 – 8 (extended French & Music Programs
(905) 857-9144

Alloa Public School
1248 Mayfield Road, Caledon L7C 0Y7
JK – 6
(905) 843-2332

Alton Public School
19657 Main Street, Alton L7K 0E1
JK – 6
(519) 927-5212

Belfountain Public School
17247 Shaws Creek Road, Belfountain L7K 0E8
JK – 6
(519) 941-0220

Caledon Central Public School
18357 Airport Road, Caledon East L7C 2W8
JK – 8
(905) 927-5231

Caledon East Public School
15738 Airport Road, Caledon East L7C 2W8
JK – 8
(905) 584-2701

Ellwood Memorial Public School
35 Ellwood Drive E., Bolton L7E 2A7
JK – 5
(905) 857-3021

Herb Campbell Public School
3749 King Street, Caledon L7C 0T6
G 1 – 8 (French Immersion)
(905) 838-3952

James Bolton Elementary School
225 Kingsview Drive Bolton L7C 3X8
JK – 5
(905) 857-2666

7280 King Street, Caledon East L7C 0S3
JK – 8
(905) 957-3448

Palgrave Public School
8962 Patterson Sideroad, Palgrave L7E 0L2
JK – 8
(905) 880-0361

Secondary Schools

Humberview Secondary School
135 Kingsview Drive, Bolton L7E 3V8
Grades 9-12 (French Immersion)
(905) 857-2666

Mayfield Secondary School
5000 Mayfield Road, Caledon L7C 0Z5
Grades 9-12
(905) 846-6060

Catholic Schools

Holy Family Elementary School
61 Allan Drive, Bolton L7E 1P7
(905) 857-1300

Pope John Paul II Elementary School
9094 Bolton Heights Road, Bolton L7E 5R8
(905) 857-4241

St. Cornelius
R.R.#1, Caledon East L0N 1E0
JK-8 (and French Immersion)
(905) 584-2245

St. John The Baptist Elementary School
299 Landsbridge Street, Bolton L7E 12K4
(905) 951-8788

St. Nicholas Elementary School
120 Harvest Moon Drive, Bolton L7E 2W1
(905) 857-7582

St. Patrick Separate School
11948 The Gore Road, Brampton L6P 0A2
(905) 794-0411

St. Peter Elementary School
46 Dawson Road, Orangeville L9W 2W3
(905) 941-2741

St. Rita Elementary School
30 Summer Valley Drive, Brampton L6Z 4V6
(905) 595-0911

Catholic Secondary Schools

Robert F.Hall Secondary School
6500 Old Church Road, Caledon East L7C 0H3
Grades 9-12 (and French Immersion)
(905) 584-1670
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